Gamerdad, hot or not?


As i have written before in my previous blogposts i have been gaming since i was 7 years old and i have recently achieved level 40 in life so i believe i know a thing or two about the subject.

I also have 3 sons (age 5, 8 and 12) who have inhereted the love for videogames from their dad. Mom is not into gaming so every question regarding games will be thrown at me and is answered with enthausiasm and usually results in a fun family gaming session.

The flipside of the medal is that my kids cannot (yet) fool me when it comes to gamerfacts or general knowledge about games. When my oldest son had his 11th birthday 2 of his friends got him a version of GTA for the XboX360 (still wondering how they got it!) and the kids tried to justify the 18+ PEGI with arguments like:”All my friends play this game!” and “Those age ratings are different for movies and videogames so there is nothing wrong with me playing these!” I eXplained to my son that i have played these games myself and i think they are not appropriate for his age. His remark:”You dont know anything!” was countered by my wife with:”That might be true but your dad does know games!”

I do admit im not always that harsh with enforcing these age ratings. People might not agree (if so please do tell me in the comments!) but i do allow my 12 years old son to play Call of Duty which is rated 16-18. The only rule to that is that he doesnt play it when his younger brothers are watching which made him safe up for an XboX for himself which he has in his room right now! Also for the younger kids are playing games which are technically not appropriate for their age according to PEGI ratings but a 5 year old playing Skylanders (PEGI 7) and the 8 year old playing Harry Potter (PEGI 12) is something i can allow. Just remember kids, dad also needs to play these games for the sole purpose of checking them out for you! 😜

I would like go know how you handle your kids playing videogames… Or maybe how your parents react to you when you sit down for a much needed 24 hour gaming marathon! Maybe you dont like games yourself and you think your dad is such a nerd because at his “old” age he is still playing games… Please let me know… Game on!



PiXelhunting Eastereggs



An Easter Egg is an hidden joke in games, movies, cd/Dvd’s or books. Just like real easter eggs they are hidden and you have to go look for it to find them. With the introduction of the internet the search for Easter Eggs have gotten a whole lot easier since you can just look them up and if your lucky you will most probably also find a video of how to find the hidden joke.

Some of the funniest Easter Eggs i know of are the appearance of RD2D (the funny Star Wars robot) in the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek movies as well as in hieroglyphs in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Arc. In the GTA: Vice City videogame there was a hidden room with an actual easter egg on a pedestal and in Day of the Tenticle if you played as Bernard you could play an other computer game on a certain computer ingame… the whole game of Maniac Mansion! There are also plenty hidden tracks on various music albums when you leave it on after the cv/dvd ends and some famous hidden messages could be find on vinyl records by playing them backwards.

PiXelhunting originates from the oldstyle point-and-click adventures (videogames) in which you needed to click on a particular spot on your screen to pick up or activate an object. These objects could vary in size and if the developer made the item small enough you were actually looking for a dot (piXel) on your screen to click to be able to go on with the game… that searching for the right piXel is also known as piXelhunting. It was known to be implemented to make the game more difficult or at least to have the player spent time playing the game since searching for piXels among thousands of others could be very time consuming. It was also a very easy way to hide Easter Eggs into a videogame but not the most original way i must add. As much as i like to find Easter Eggs in the games i play, especially with funny references to other games, the devs or funny jokes made in these hidden secrets, i do hate it when the developers hides the Easter Egg behind a certain piXel making the Easter Egg hunt a PiXelhunt instead.    Single Ant1-1

Can you tell me if you have ever encountered a cool or funny Easter Egg on an album, in a movie or videogame?