From Walk-in-Closet to Office

As you may have noticed these last few months blogging wasn’t really high on my list of priorities. Due to various reasons i haven’t had the time and energy to write about the stuff that has scratched my brain lately but one of those reasons i would like to share with you.

walkinclosetI may or may not have mentioned before that i am redecorating parts of our house. Our youngest son and one of his brothers are moving to other rooms which, ofcourse, needed a total make-over to make them feel like their own. One of the rooms that my one son moved to is a room on the 3rd floor which used to be our storageroom and at the same time the room with an improvised desk and my desktop/gaming computer. At times we even dared to call it “the office” although nothing, besides the computer and a bunch of papers laying around, actually gave that name any right of eXistance. By the time my son moved in the office was gone and from then on both gaming and administration was done at the kitchen table on the laptop. My desktop even moved to my eldest sons bedroom which has been using it ever since.

My wife always intended to create a walk-in-closet out of the small room neXt to our bedroom as soon as she gets the chance. At this time our youngest has moved into his new bedroom leaving this particular room free for a new purpose. It so happens that my wife recently made a career move which gave her the oppertunity to work from home alot and she started feeling the need for some private space to do her work. She soon found out the kitchen table is not the most ideal place to work quietly while the kids are running around. So she shifted her priorities from a walk-in-closet to some fresh new officespace. No complaints from me there!


We are now at the point of creating ideas for the new office. Besides considering the wallpaper and paint for the walls and window we try to figure out what kind of desk we like, how to create storage space and where to make connections for the computers and equipment. I have my desktop computer (which i will somehow need to reclaim), my laptop as well as my wife’s laptop and the printer. We intend to buy 2 new 24″ monitors and i will see if i can find an easy way to connect both the desktop computer to them as well as the laptops. Also i would like to prepare connections for a television.

Besides all these ideas we have not decided anything yet though so any suggestions and eXamples are welcome. Maybe you have some ideas we can use or consider? If so we would love to hear them so please leave a comment below! I will promise to keep you up to date on the progress…

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