Good-bye my friend…


In my life i have many great things to enjoy. I’m a person that tends to look at things from a positive perspective and i count my blessings for all the good stuff that has happened to me. I’ve had a great childhood, met a wonderfull girl i got to marry and we have 3 beautiful sons. We both have nice jobs and a house in the town we both grew up in.

Sometimes things happen to us or the people around us that affect our lives. Children are born, graduate, get married, create a life and children of their own and sadly people eventually pass away. I lost my mother when she was just 59 years old. Also recently the mother of my best friend died and i could feel his pain loosing her which affected me as well. This week though i recieved word that one of my childhood friends passed away. Although my mother passed away when she was still young, my friends passing was a whole other thing. At the age of 39 and father of 2 young children he should be right in the middle of life thinking about all the things he was going to achieve and enjoy his son and daughter.

My friend and I went to elementary school together and after that to highschool. We played football together and we both shared the love for gaming, for which we spend many days locked up in our rooms playing games together. Like good friends do we had our good and our bad moments but mostly we were having fun together. Also we went on holidays together with some other friends of ours which, even if that is over 20 years ago, i still remember with fond memories. After that time we kind of lost track and our lives went seperate ways.

A couple of years ago we accidently met again. In a restaurant we were seated back to back and when we found out we spend some time telling eachother what had been going on in our lives all these years we didn’t see eachother. After that we met a couple times more, always by accident, and we always concluded with the promise to go get something to drink soon and catch up some more. That never happend though… and now i realise we never will.

Right now, a few days after i first heared he passed away, i have spoken to some people that knew him well these last couple of years. I understand his life took a turn for the worse and due to circumstances and bad decisions he ended up living a life on its own, pushing away the people close to him. I thought alot these days if it would have mattered if i had talked to him about this but i concluded it would not have made a difference…

Our mind has a funny way of dealing with memories, after a while the bad ones will fade away and the good memories will remain. I will remember him as the friend from my childhood when all was good and fun. I just hope the people close to him, who have lived with him during the harsh times these last few years, will be able to deal with these bad memories before they will fade away and they too can enjoy the good memories that will eventually remain.

Good-bye my friend, thanks for the memories!



2 thoughts on “Good-bye my friend…”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and send my heartfelt condolences to you and to everyone else who knew him and cared about him. I had a friend a few years ago who was an alcoholic, and I’m still trying to separate the funny and charming person his acquaintances saw from the jerk who mistreated, used, and neglected those of us who were closest to him. It’s such a difficult thing to come to terms with, but you’re wise to focus on the positive memories. My very best to you …

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