The mancave, getting there slowly…

It’s been a while already since i told you that i was working on a room in our house after i redecorated the bedrooms of the kids. We have made quite a bit of progress eventhough this project has not been one of the fastests we worked on.


Just to remind you, my wife and i discussed the purpose of the room several times in the past for she would like to have a walk-in closet and i prefer an eXtra room for studies and officework. When my wife got a new job for which she could work partly at home she changed her mind and we decided to create an office, or like my son calls it, a man-cave!

I stripped the walls of the wallpaper and painted the windowframe and baseboards. After that i wallpapered some of the walls and painted the others. We were looking for the right kind of desk for a while and eventually decided to create it ourselves from a worktop we found at a kitchenfactory. Innitially we would have liked to have a white desk but since we ran into this darkbrown worktop and it was way more affordable we ended up with this alternative. We also got new wooden blinds for the window which adds a distinct look to the room.

kantoor_nw_1Ofcourse we need to have some storage space as well so we used a cabinet we still had in use in our kitchen but innitially bought for other purposes. I painted it white (do you recognise a theme?) to fit in and decided to place the printer on it as well. Also i prepared the desk to get all the obligatory cables out of sight with a couple cable trays. I must admit, things are really starting to look good!


The room is not finished yet because we have some more ideas we like to work out. We are thinking about cupboards on the wall above the desk under which we like to make LED lights and open square cupboards on the other wall for displaying things. A couple of new 24″ monitors are also on our wishlist as well as some way to make it possible for my wife to dock her laptop and connect it to a second monitor, keyboard and mouse. We have found a couple of new chairs we love to buy but we have to wait until the budget allows it and we also still need to replace the lamp on the ceiling. We plan to eXtend the tv cable from our bedroom so we can put a small tv in the office as well. Last but not least we need some more decorations to personalize the room and make it our own. In the meanwhile we are quite satisfied with how the room has become so far and we have our relaXed workspace we decided to create!




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