From one game to another

Once in a while I can drown myself into a videogame. I’ve been gaming over 30 years now and played a wide range of genres, not being bound to any particular type of game. Sometimes some short little game catches my eye and I finish it within a week. In my early gaming years I’ve played quite alot of football games, both action and management games, and I could go on season after season.


The last 15 years I’ve gotten an interest in online games and I’ve been loving the social espect of it. Especially MMORPG’s are the kind of games I can loose myself into and there are a couple of eXamples I have spend the majority of my available gametime with over these years. It all began when I had a collegue back in 2003 who’s boyfriend worked for a gamemagazine writing reviews. She talked about him reviewing an online game called Eve Online and her story got me interested. So one night I thought I’d check out on the internet what this game was all about and ended up that same night getting a subscription.

Although I have mingled into online social space before through IRC and other chat communities Eve Online was the first “online world” I stepped in to interact with other inhabitans who “lived” there. The idea of meeting all these new people and talking about both stuff that happened in the virtual as wel as the real world was overwhelming. I really enjoyed my time in Eve Online and spend a good couple of years there neXt to other “offline” games i played but most of my time i spend in Eve… That was also when I realised thay paying a subscription made you feel you “need” to spend time in that game or you waste the money you spent! At a later time I realised that could lead to pretty uncomfortable feelings, especially when you start to loose interest in the game but feel like you cannot just let it go because of the time and money spent!

To put it in fast forward, after this first taste of a fresh new way of playing games I dove into Lord of the Rings Online in 2007 when it launched until my neXt big game interest arived in december 2011, Star Wars The Old Republic. I have been playing SWTOR for quite some years but with every game, communities rise and fall and like me, the people you play these games with eventually move on to other games and interests in real life. This is not neccesarily a bad thing but when that happens it is usually time to go to the neXt new and eXciting game.

Problem is there is no new game at this moment that has caught my interest eXcept for Hero’s Song which is just in early access release. Therefor i was looking at the games I played or did not play in the past I might try out just for the fun of it and I finally came across the one game that everyone has been playing and talking about for over a decade but somehow never caught me, World of Warcraft (WoW)! This game launched in 2004 and is often seen as the game that started the big MMO hype. It certainly is not the first MMO and not even the first popular one but for sure its the one that everyone automaticly thinks of when you are talking about MMO’s, both with gamers and non-gamers alike.

Getting into a new MMO nowadays is pretty quick and fast, even with downloads of 40GB since most games are already playable after a few hundred MBs while the rest of the game downloads in the background. WoW also has a free to play option where you can play the first 20 levels for free but setting up a subscription was quick and easy with PayPal so I have committed and started this game as probably the last human on earth!


WoW has a huge amount of servers to choose from and by default they try to get you on a new or underpopulated server but after a short while I contacted an old friend from one of my previous online game adventures and made a fresh character on “his” server Dragonblight. I started out as a Rogue (stabby stabby) and took my first few steps in this new but old world. Since I start playing more than 10 years after release my first journey in this game will be one with the intention to catch up to all those millions of players that have (multiple) characters at levelcap and are mostly engaged into the endgame content. I do plan to enjoy this journey to levelcap so I have started to chain quest after quest getting formiliar with the skills and mechanics of the game.

At this moment my Rogue is level 59 so I’m over halfway to level 110 and still enjoying the journey. Still a long ways to go and I’ve always thought it is better to play than to watch or read about it so I wont bore you with all the little things but I do plan on getting back to you in a future blogpost on my progress in WoW so keep an eye out for more posts to come.