Sometimes i read about gadgets and think i should get it… The Chromecast is one of those gadgets i have been planning to get from the moment i read about it but only until today i decided to actually go out and grab me one.

Just a quick checkup online showed the device is already on its second version with a new design and the biggest change being the improved antenna supporting 802.11ac wireless.

I have just been able to do a quick testrun and installed it on my livingroom tv… Got the device working but got chased away immidiately by my kids waiting to use the XBoX and made me go to the bedroom tv where i plugged it in. There i couldnt get the connections right untill i reset to factory settings and reinstalled and it works like a charm now. I guess ill be turning in early tonight to play around a littlebit…!

Any of you that has any eXperience with the Chromecast (old or new) that can give me a few tips and tricks on the device?