PiXelhunting Eastereggs



An Easter Egg is an hidden joke in games, movies, cd/Dvd’s or books. Just like real easter eggs they are hidden and you have to go look for it to find them. With the introduction of the internet the search for Easter Eggs have gotten a whole lot easier since you can just look them up and if your lucky you will most probably also find a video of how to find the hidden joke.

Some of the funniest Easter Eggs i know of are the appearance of RD2D (the funny Star Wars robot) in the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek movies as well as in hieroglyphs in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Arc. In the GTA: Vice City videogame there was a hidden room with an actual easter egg on a pedestal and in Day of the Tenticle if you played as Bernard you could play an other computer game on a certain computer ingame… the whole game of Maniac Mansion! There are also plenty hidden tracks on various music albums when you leave it on after the cv/dvd ends and some famous hidden messages could be find on vinyl records by playing them backwards.

PiXelhunting originates from the oldstyle point-and-click adventures (videogames) in which you needed to click on a particular spot on your screen to pick up or activate an object. These objects could vary in size and if the developer made the item small enough you were actually looking for a dot (piXel) on your screen to click to be able to go on with the game… that searching for the right piXel is also known as piXelhunting. It was known to be implemented to make the game more difficult or at least to have the player spent time playing the game since searching for piXels among thousands of others could be very time consuming. It was also a very easy way to hide Easter Eggs into a videogame but not the most original way i must add. As much as i like to find Easter Eggs in the games i play, especially with funny references to other games, the devs or funny jokes made in these hidden secrets, i do hate it when the developers hides the Easter Egg behind a certain piXel making the Easter Egg hunt a PiXelhunt instead.    Single Ant1-1

Can you tell me if you have ever encountered a cool or funny Easter Egg on an album, in a movie or videogame?


Digital Age is Now!

Being a father of 3 young children (boys age 5, 8 and 12) I often compare them with myself when I was growing up. Last Christmas we sat down with our family and watched Back to the Future 1 & 2 together. Those are indeed the perfect movies to see if you like to talk with your kids about what changed in the last 30 or so years. I’ve tried before to show them what we did and didnt have technological wise in our youth but it was hard when you even had to eXplain what a Walkman is or that there was indeed a time without mobilephones and Whatsapp! These things have become such an integrated part of modern day life that our kids have a hard time to imagine a world without it.

Talking about all these changes and at the same time realising what has actually changed in the world around us (and believe me, its alot that has changed!) also made me realise how dependent and relient we’ve become to technology and the internet. More and more things around is get connected in one way or the other… We are being told the “Age of the internet of things” is upon us… Its making me both eXcited as well as a bit wary, untill i realised thats how my parents felt when we got our first VCR and they had to ask their 10 year old kids to program it!

Im almost 40 now and i made the resolution to  keep embraceing new technologies and try to use them to my advantage because i realise when you stop accepting progress and change in this digital and technological challenging age i have to soon ask my kids to order my groceries, adjust the heating and turn on the VR controled television… I plan to let my kids be kids for a while longer and pretend i am the one in our household that knows about the latest developements in technology! Who dares to make a bet how long it takes before i have to get back on these resolutions!?! 😉

Welcome to the Future!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

img_2484Me and my friend have been waiting for a long time for the new Star Wars movie to come out and what do you know, when it launched on december 16th 2015 over here in the Netherlands we were both so occupied with the holidays and other appointments that it was december 30th already when we finally got the chance to see it!

I wont go spoiling any details or story plots but since this movie was anticipated by so many and eXpectations were reaching galaXies far far away i could not resist making this SpandaX’ first real post on the blog i started on the verge of this new year. I am hoping we can discuss the movie in depth some other time in the near future when everyone that is just as hyped up over Star Wars as me and my friend has gotten the chance to see it as well in a theater near you.

If you have seen The Force Awakens already i would like to hint you to read a funny article from TheVerge.com about a really funny Twitter parody of Star Wars’ newest villain, Kylo Ren. If you still have to see the movie let me warn you however since the article is spoiler heavy and i would advice you to first go and enjoy the movie because for as far as im concerned it is Alderaan shattering good again and very simular to the old trilogy and some even say its way better…!!!

May the Force be with you.