I love to hate the internet


“Dad! The internet is down again!” – “The wifi is terrible, my NetfliX keeps stuttering…” – “In my room I can’t even watch YouTube on my Phone and dad wont fiX it!” – “DAD!!!”


I consider myself a poweruser of the internet and all the things related to it nowadays. I play online games, watch series and movies via NetfliX/HBOgo, read and write my email, browse the web and write my blog, listen to music and follow the news. In our Household we have 4 smartphones, 2 iPads, 1 Surface, 3 laptops, 2 desktops, 2 XboX’s and an Horizon setup boX all hooked up to the internet. Most of them connected via wifi and being used by my wife and me along with our 3 kids. Most of the time there are at least 2, but sometimes up to 5 people connecting and using the wifi signal.

I love the endless posibilities of stuff you can do when you have access to the internet and i cannot imagine our life without it anymore. Ofcourse its not a life treatening thing when the internet is down but to be honest, we do all use it on a daily base one way or the other.

On the other side i hate this way of life as well… Connection to the internet has become a thing to rely on and people have started to take it for granted. When my wife likes to watch tv she turns it on, has instant signal and possibilties to watch a movie or series. She, and many others like her, eXpect the same when she decides to use NetfliX or another streaming service via the internet. When you turn on your device and choose a movie it should show in good quality and without any hickups. Same for the kids when they are trying to find their favorite YouTube channel or try to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It should work, it should work fast and without interuption when and how they desire. The thing is, it doesnt always work like that and with every other appliance connecting to the router the possibility increases something will happen and it will not work eXactly as desired. That is when everybody starts asking for “DAD!” to fiX it. You are the one with an interest in computers, you know how it works, im just a user, you fiX it!

Those are the moments i would love to turn back time 20 years when using the internet was for geeks like me who were amazed by the possibilities for the future and cried out in joy when there was a problem so we could try to fiX it. Nobody cared if it took an hour, day or weeks because nobody was waiting for us… they made fun of us spending hours behind a non functioning device and declared us fools for having an interest in something so unsignificant as “the internet”…



Netflix: more content more money

In our family we are vivid NetfliX users and about all the devices (iPads, phones, XboX’s, smartTV, laptops/computers) in our household that can be used to connect to the streamingservice actually will be… On a daily base!

We have been subscribed to NetfliX from around the time it got available here in the Netherlands which is about 2 years now. We started out with the free month and never stopped watching, paying the €7,99 per month from when we started eventhough NetfliX upped the monthly price for new customers since then. As a “loyal customer” we get to pay the old price untill May 2016 when we get to pay the price new customers already have to pay, €9,99. We also have a choice to dumb down on quality (from HD down to SD) and number of users/screens within the household (from 2 down to 1) if we insist on keeping the €7,99 per month but did anyone that watched DVD quality got back to VHS? The number of screen you are available to use simultaniously is even more an issue since the 2 maX right now sometimes already lead to friction within the family with 5 people who all like to watch “their” show, series or movie.

Ofcourse i understand proces go up especially when they keep through out shows they produce themselves and with the worldwide rollout they need to commit to worldwide content contracts which both wont come cheap but with the potential of so many more customers coming in this year i cant help feeling they will be making a buttload of money soon!

We will still be watching and paying though, also after May 2016 when payment for us “loyal customers” has also gone up and with our kids growing up the next time they yell because my wife and I already use the 2 allowed screens, we will tell them to pay for their own screens… the devices are on us!