Space and Beyond

space ship

Hundreds of years ago eXplorers set sail to unknown and undiscovered parts of the world. Nowadays we think we know all about our little planet there is to discover and we Google-mapped most of it. At least the surface of the planet that is because i believe there is still much to eXplore in the depths of the seas and oceans. Slowly however we are shifting our focus to the new big unknown, Space and the wonders that are still hidden for mankind.

I love what progress we make though, understanding Space, the stars and planets, counstellations, black holes and cosmic dust… Our ancesters in prehistory have already seen planets with their bare eyes (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), the star closest to our Sun is 4.2 years away if we ever achieve the ability to travel at lightspeed and the biggest star known to us today is more than 1500 times the size of our own Sun!

This week however there was this article about the evidence for a ninth planet in our solar system… and if you look at the unimaginable size of Space this is news that happened right in our own back yard! The most eXciting thing about this news to me is that apparently there are still giant planets to discover so close to “home” which makes me totally hyped for what future discoveries have in store for us. Anyone ever wonder what we will discover on the dark side of the moon!?

New Evidence Points to Giant 9th Planet on Solar System Edge:

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